Here's everything you need to know to be an expense sharing master. Make your friends who still use Venmo + spreadsheets look like cave-couples.

Q: Will my partner see my individual expenses?

A: Absolutely not. Your partner will only see what you share with them.

Q: Do I need to enter my bank account/routing number to use Tandem?

A: Nope. All you need is your bank user name and password.

Q: Does Tandem store my bank login?

A: We don't want it! Tandem partners with a third party called Plaid that has a direct connection with (almost) all of the banks.

Q: What if my partner and I don't split everything 50/50?

A: Tandem is a flexible solution and let's you choose what is best for your relationship - you can set the ratio at which you'd like to split expenses, which can be 90/10, 75/25, 50/50, etc.

Q: Can Tandem handle expenses that occur outside of my spending accounts?

A: We sure can. We have a "Add expense" option on the home screen that lets you manually input expenses outside of cards.

Q: What happens if me and my partner (gasp) break up?

A: Sometimes things don't work out as planned. Thankfully with Tandem, you just simply disconnect your accounts within your settings. You can easily reconnect if you decide you can't live without each other.

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